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Like Minds Synopsis

When he woke up Saul expected to spend his day programming The World, an atomic simulation of reality. Instead, he discovers the young hacker he had chatted with only hours before is the latest victim of a serial killer. Before the day is over, he will discover that he is not only the killer's next target, but he is also the FBI's prime suspect. Saul's world begins to unravel as he reaches out of his isolation for help.

FBI agent Janet Slaite is assigned to lead the investigation into the serial killer and finds that her own world begins to crash around her sending her on the run for her life.

Miles away Trobden sets off on an adventure in the augmented reality world of StreetQuest that overlays a fantasy realm onto the real world. He heads off with his clan after riches through the transformed streets of Chicago and discovers a part of the game that was only whispered of in legends.

All three minds are wrapped up together in a deadly adventure none of them could have imagined that would change their lives and their world forever.