Get your copy of Like Minds

Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Paper Book is Being Proofed

If you are following @NomDeBen on twitter, you may have picked up a rumor that there is a physical copy of Like Minds at my house. Unfortunately I wasn't at my house until last night. But the rumors are true.
All 556 Pages - It's a big book

The proof from CreateSpace is in my hands now and I'm, well, proofing it. I wish I could say that I just clicked the "Go" button because the first copy was perfect, but that's what proofs are for. I've made the necessary formatting edits and nudged the cover and back images appropriately and am going to expedite the next proof as soon as its ready.

The cover was originally printed in their new matte finish, but it felt rather chalky.  The point to having a physical copy is to feel the book in your hand, so, I felt that a chalky feeling cover was probably not very exciting.  The next proof will be in their glossy finish. All in all it's looking pretty good though, and actually holding a copy of the book, I have to admit, was pretty epic. I can't wait to get copies out there for anyone who wants one.

I don't have an actual date for treeBook publishing, but I'm working it as fast as the system will allow. I will of course, keep you all posted.