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Wednesday, May 6, 2015


StreetQuest brings you the most realistic fantasy adventure of your life. Imagine exploring castles in the park across the street or battling ogres or enemy clans for the treasure that lies lost beneath the ruins.  You're not just watching the adventure, you are living it in augmented reality.  You are living it in StreetQuest.

Your neural visor, in concert with ear buds, sensor gloves, boots, and the full line of StreetQuest peripherals, will allow you and your friends to immerse yourselves completely in the augmented reality game. Through the visor, you will see city buildings transform into towering castles and your fellow players metamorph into heroes or villains.  Can't visor-in?  No problem, players on their consoles or handhelds show up in the game right along with the rest of the clan.  Fight shoulder to shoulder with your friends around the globe.

The StreetQuest team is constantly creating and updating thousands of exciting and intricate quests.  You will win treasures and experience based on the quests you complete and how quickly or creatively you complete them. Battle along side your friends to defend your territory or join them for the evening of stories and laughter at your clan's hall. The adventure is waiting for you right outside your front door.

StreetQuest brings the adventure to life.

Learn more about StreetQuest to join the adventure.